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English for Kids -  vocabulary  School

English for Kids - vocabulary School

English for Kids -  vocabulary  School

English for Kids -  vocabulary  School classmate
English for Kids -  vocabulary  School

-- Title: School --

Let me show you around my school! Oh, there is our school bus! school bus This is my school! There are a gym, an art room, a music room, a science room, a nurse’s office, a cafeteria, and many classrooms. school We have PE class in the gym. gym We have art class in the art room. art room We have music class in the music room. music room We have science class in the science room. science room When you feel sick, you can rest in the nurse’s office. nurse’s office We have lunch in the cafeteria. cafeteria This is our classroom. We study together here. There are a black board, chalks, desks, chairs, and a bulletin board. classroom black board chalk desk chair bulletin board We learn a lot from our teacher. teacher We are good students. student These are my classmates. classmate My school is the best!

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  1. For those of you who want to check their English grammar: here is a nice quiz. It contains 20 questions on basic English grammar issues like tenses, modal verbs, articles and so on. See how many questions you can answer correctly.

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