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10+ tips to organize your time at work/school

10+ tips to organize your time at work/school

10+ tips to organize your time at work/school

 Good use of time is the first step to success.

         Time management is the act or process of planning and exercising conscious control over the amount of time spent on specific activities, especially to increase effectiveness, effectiveness, efficiency or productivity.

"We must use time wisely and forever realize that the time is always ripe to do right." Nelson Mandela

  These golden tips are very useful to use time in successful ways:

  • Establish a daily and weekly routine.
  • Have a comfortable/ familiar place for you to study at.
  •  Make clear objectives for the task and plans your prepare.
  •  Have at least a free half day each wee.
  •  Practice a sport  or a hobby that you enjoy.
  •  When you have a lot of work to do but little time, order tasks according to importance and priority.
  •   Have you heard about The Eisenhower Method?

If not, this is how it is work:
10+ tips to organize your time at work/school learnperfectenglishgrammar

  •  Have a rest after reasonably long periods of work.
  • Do not  be too hard working or too ambitious.
  •  Give yourself enough time for sleep.

For Students:

         Many students/people talk about not having enough time. Rather than focusing on that, and complaining to yourself or others about not enough time, think about what you do have enough time for. Start talking or thinking about that instead.

        “I don’t have a time” it is a ghost or monster that makes you feel fair.  I was with my friend at the cafeteria and he told me that 24 hours per day it is not enough !!!!!. I told him that All of the people on the earth has 24 hours, Mark Zuckerberg, Helen killer, all of those are successful in their work/life , the distinction between you and them it is that they  manage time in a good way.

Time is like iron.
What is the price of iron?
=>  Pig iron 5$.
=>  Horseshoe 11$.
=> Needles 200$.
( I just estimate those prices.)

     Management time is the key to success. Many students had the problem to organize time.
  • ·         Don’t wait the last minute and decide to revise your lessons. You need to arrange your priority which can give yourself the best chance of staying on track and organized during the exam period.

  • ·         Avoid procrastination and distraction.

·          These tips really may help you to boost your time management skills.

Good luck. :)