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Prepositions of time and place

Prepositions of time and place


Prepositions are used before a noun or pronoun to show place, time, position or method.
*A preposition is used to show direction, location, time, or to introduce an object.
In this lesson, I’m going to talk about two types of preposition:

Prepositions of time:

“At”, “in”, and “on” are the most commons preposition of time used in English and are usually used in the following cases:

At: for precise time.
In: for long period: Months, years, century….
On: for days and dates.

At 7 o’clock
In July/August
On week days
At night
In 1993/2001
On afternoon
At dinner/lunch/breakfast
In summer/ in winter
On Sunday/Monday.
At weekend/at the weekend
In the previous century
On January 23nd
At the beginning
In the morning/afternoon
On my sixteen birthday
At Christmas.
In a minute.
On Friday evening


-The blue expressions are common with' in' and 'on'.
-We do not use in, at, or on when we say last, next, this, or every….
 E.g.: I went to Canada last March. (In last March. incorrect).

More preposition of time:

After: I go to school after the holiday.
During: I’m reading books during the summer.
For: I have been here for 5 years.
Since:  He has lived in London since 2005.
Prepositions of time, learnperfectenglishgrammar
Prepositions of time

Prepositions of place:

‘At’, ‘in’, and ‘on’ are usually used in the following cases:

At( for a point)
In(for an enclosed space)
On( for a surface)
At the bus stop
In Canada
On the cover
At the corner
In the garden
On the wall/ceiling
At the 
In a box
On the door

‘At’, ‘in’, and ‘on’ are also used with certain expressions:

At the top
In a taxi
On the left/right
At the bottom
In the sky
On the radio/ on TV
At work
In the newspaper
On the way

More prepositions:

Behind: beware, stay behind me!
In front of: look in front of you.
Under: under the sun.
Prepositions of place, learnperfectenglishgrammar
Prepositions of place

*The prepositions are always followed by a  noun, never followed by a verb (when want to follow with a verb we must add -ing).